My Day in Waxahachie TX

I once drove to Waxahachie, Texas to attend and experience the Scarborough Renaissance Festival. The festival appeared to be located in a very rural area of Waxahachie. I stayed for a couple of hours watching various shows and impromptu acting of various participants of the festival. It was as if I stepped back into time and was given a taste of what it might have been like during the renaissance period. I was entertained then felt it was time to head out and explore the rest of the area.


After I left, I decided to make my way towards the Ellis County Courthouse located on Main. St. in Waxahachie’s downtown area. I was told by a friend the architecture of the courthouse is one to marvel at. As I approached the structure I looked at the clock tower and thought, “This is a courthouse?!”. It looked like a church of some sort or perhaps a large mansion. It was beautiful. It was grand. It was a piece of history preserved. I snapped a few pictures and took a break from the day’s activities and had a snack at one of the restaurants nearby. Waxahachie was a quaint town. It is reminiscent of various scenes from Netflix type shows that incorporated this type of imagery.



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